A glimpse from our New York Screening

I flew in with the photo’s mounted on a skateboard.

Wa had a Great Screening in Flanders house. Charlie was with us to moderate the Q&A.

The photo-exposition will be showcased the entire year in Flanders house.
( New York Times Building – 44th Floor)

During a night out in Brooklyn I met Cameron who made this portrait from me while I was watching inception. I look serious.

This is cameron waking up.

I hang out with Stefaan who was in New York to Pitch his app ‘ Telekitty’ which can read the mind of your cat.

Rojeh ( Haifa Independent Filmfestival) was around for the premiere from junction 48 which was screened at Tribeca.

John Mitchell is making a painting from charlie. Charlie is my hero. So I made another photo from him.

Thank you Flanders House, Delia, Cameron, Charlie, Evelyne, Labo JJ Micheli & Chromaluxe……
Made possible with the support of the Flemish government.

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