Is it safe to go to Iran?

“Is it safe to go to Iran?” They asked me in Belgium…

“Where are you from?” They asked me in Iran. It happened in the taxi in Tehran, on the bus in Esfahan and even in a little village in the Iranian dessert. “From Belgium” I told them. Their faces turned pale and with a trembling voice they asked me if I was ok. “Daesh in Belgium” they told me.

“Is it safe to go to Belgium?” they asked me in iran.
They saw on their television that even our new year celebration was cancelled because of all those terrorists running on the streets in Bruxelles.
” Finally your safe, Welcome to Iran “ they smiled.

2 days after I returned from Iran, the sanctions were lifted and our mission was over. The times they are a-changing in Iran. I would recommend going before Starbucks takes over.

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