Thank God It’s Friday to Argentine!

CAMELTOWN – Niel Iwens and me are proud to share the trailer and website from Thank God It’s Friday and to tell you that TGIf is selected for theFestival Internacional DerHumALC Cine de Derechos Humanos in Argentine.

In a few days I am leaving to Buenos Aires and Starting from Argentine we will share Thank God it’s Friday with the rest of the world.
We are more then thankful for all the people who collaborated with us on the way, especially the entire Tamimi family from Nabi Saleh, Rachel De Plaen and Linah Alsaafin who did so much more then translation.
Big shout out and love for
the entire New Impact-team where we were camping and editing for more then a year! De Werf Kunstencentrum who supported the soundtrack and of course the royal talented Brent VannesteNathan DaemsJohannes Verschaeve – Werner Hassler –and Checkpoint 303 who created the soundtrack.
Ludo Abicht for his vision and support, Céline Mathieu for her graphic design supervision and Wim De Herdt for making the website.
It has been a long and intense ride – so thank you for the much needed support on the way.
RIP Mustafa and RushdiTamimi.
Keep your fire.

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