Taste of freedom festival in Berlin

Pete Earth and me just spended two months in Berlin to organize the taste of freedom festival in an underground (literally) location in Neukölln named ‘Keller’.

The taste of freedom festival became a legendary gathering with more then 35 artists, an amazing taste of freedom crew and around 500 visitors.

A glimpse :

Two days after the festival we drove to the fusion festival where we had a taste of freedom space at the Arab underground.

Our friends from Jazar Crew and Dubkey where also there and it was a great time.

We welcomed more then 1500 astronauts and we launched them in our blackbox.

You have the change to check out the black box in Amsterdam and Croatia somewhere around October.

It was an intense trip. A big thank you to all the people who made it happen. We will learn and grow to expand the fire even more in the near future. Bless.

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