Cameltown’s new website

HERE IT IS…..Please take a look at CAMELTOWN’s new website and showreel and let us know what you think. CAMELTOWN is getting built by many lovely people so it means a lot to see it grow. Welcome to CAMELTOWN

Welcome To Cameltown from CAMELTOWN on Vimeo.

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Moving Europe x Amsterdam

Amsterdam was the first stop from our Moving Europe tour.
We are working on the website and teaser with all the info from Moving Europe as we speak.
Here are some photo’s from our walk through Amsterdam…

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aftermovie x Dutch Decompression

Camel town made a video – souvenir for the amazing folks of Burning man Netherlands.
It was their first Decompression and it was an amazing gathering.
Looking forward to the next one!

The Dutch Decompression 2014 from Burning Man Netherlands on Vimeo.

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Aftermovie – Lost theory

Cameltown made the after movie for our friends from the lost theory festival.



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We came back from Burning Man and started working full of energy on bringing our walking pop up exposition to Europe.

The photo expo is curated with photography-art of

We will be marching the streets through Berlin, Riga, Lisbon, Athens, Amsterdam, Reykjavík…surrounded with brassbands, circus and fire artists!

…………. )°( MOVING EUROPE )°( ……………..

Here are the photo’s from Europe’s first walking pop up photo expo in Antwerp.

If you would like to Participate, please drop a line at


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Back from Burning Man

Please meet Charlie and check out my latest shortfilm here:

One of the favourite photo’s I’ve made at the burn.
Found some fire to bring our walking pop up photo exposition to the rest of Europe and beyond.
Love and Dust!

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Charlie Goes To Burning Man

Flying out to Burning Man tomorrow and I wanted to gift you something before I leave. Please meet Charlie – one of the most inspiring people I’ve met last year….

Belgian Soundtrack by: Black Flower, Boogie Belgique, Gabriel Rios , Sunday Matinee, BP vs SM – Nichi – Sound Architecture,
Eptic dubstep & Doe Maar

Thanks To The Burning Man Community, Charles Warner, Tom LaPorte, Niele Iwens, Wim De Herdt, Nicolas Wojciechowski & Detemmerman Pieter

It’s nice to meet you, Charlie Warner.

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New aftermovie online!

Our latest work from CAMELTOWN for Extrema Outdoor.
24 hours online and 15000 views.

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worldwide distributor for Thank God It’s Friday

During times like this we believe it’s important to reach a global audience for Thank God it’s Friday – thats why we joined forces with one of the world’s leading distributors of factual video – Journeyman Pictures – to do the worldwide distribution of Thank God It’s Friday.

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world’s first moving pop up photo expo in antwerp ;)

Much love for all the spacebirds!
De expo en kortfilm zijn heel de week te bezichtigen in de aim space gallery (Sint Jansvliet 2, 2000 Antwerp = naast het chaufeurreke )

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